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Iysh Greg Price


Greg Price

Published December 26th 2006
Kindle Edition
295 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

In 1940, Leo Butlion, a young Jew studying for his doctorate in Koblenz, Germany, has his future plans disrupted when Nazi forces destroy his family and their business. His heroic escape and commitment to survive drive him to overcome the greatest test man could ever encounter. Ivy Jacobson, a deformed yet highly talented fashion designer, works in a textile factory in Liege, Belgium, that is ransacked by Nazi invaders. She escapes their brutality and meets Leo. Leo explains the Hebrew word iysh, which means “champion,” and together they agree to persevere and champion the cause no matter how difficult it becomes. Their heroism and tenacity unfold in dramatic fashion as they are captured, separated and sent to concentration camps where their future survival is unclear.