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Dragones R.A. Salvatore


R.A. Salvatore

Published 2006
ISBN : 9788448035525
159 pages
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 About the Book 

My fiance got this book because of the R. A. Salvatore novelette. I thought it would be a great way for me to kind of get a feel for the other worlds.All the stories have to do with dragons in a setting that is familiar to the author (Forgotten Realms, Magic, or Dragonlance). Of course I sped through some stories faster then others. And more stories caught my eye but overall I was pleased with the book.Every story was different, and brought a different element of dragons. I wont go into too much detail so I dont spoil the book but it wasnt just the dragon comes and breaths fire.The only thing I wish there were was more pictures. From the cover of the book I thought there would be some pictures and such but there was a huge picture before the story and then little tiny pictures every 5-8 pages.