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Jonathan And His Dragon Geri Stone

Jonathan And His Dragon

Geri Stone

Published February 15th 2013
Kindle Edition
123 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Jonathan’s life is very much like that of his friends and class-mates, until his family breaks up and he has to deal with problems far too big for him. He needs help, and it comes in the form of a dragon with magic powers, able to make himself invisible and to change his form. Life is fun with a dragon around. Jonathan learns to fly and to transform himself, and they experience great adventures. But when events in his foster home disturb Jonathan deeply he decides to run away, but instead, flies off with his dragon. Eventually they land on a mountain. Deep within this mountain in a magical cave, Jonathan faces his pain about the loss of his father, Granny’s death, and leaving his mother. Old feelings of anger, confusion and pain emerge, but now can be faced with his dragon beside him. Much later, Jonathan finds answers to questions about death, soul and spirit. Eventually he is able to think constructively about the future. But in-between, before and after, exploring the inside of the mountain, he meets various challenges, such as the enormous guardian of another cave, and strange beings from the Inner Worlds. Finally he decides to return to his foster home. But - after facing his fears and challenges, a very different boy takes off from the mountain-top.Not only a fascinating story for all children- reading how Jonathan’s deals with his challenges will make it easier for children to get in touch with their own feelings.This book can also be useful to parents and carers, helping them to understand what is going on in their child, especially during a crisis and later. Also reading the story together or discussing it, will make it easier for children to speak about their own problems, and be more open to ways how to dissolve them.